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At Aventus we are a team of highly-skilled professionals that work with surveyors, property and legal professionals to offer expert training solutions for you. We want to empower you and your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to help make your business a success.

Learning is a joy! We shall empower you with knowledge and skills that you can carry with you throughout life!

Our bespoke training solutions enable your team to gain the necessary skills in business, personal development and presenting too.

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Let’s try to make your learning event entertaining and memorable too!

We have two methods of delivery for our services.

Either you and / or your team come to one of our many accessible hotels or conference centres outside of your working environment, to free your mind from everyday stresses and focus on learning. Alternatively, we can visit you in the convenience and comfort of your own office. We offer competitive rates and offer a fixed-fee for in-house team training within your own offices. You would be welcome to invite external delegates for a cost, which could then also help you to reduce the cost of training to your business.

In training your team, you can help to increase how effective your business is. Furthermore, you can also boost how capable and self-assured your team are, and can establish an even stronger reputation in your marketplace. Our training solutions are proven to work. They are built upon years of experience and knowledge and we hope that they might also help provide a useful networking opportunity for you.

We offer the most competitive rates for a wide variety of training solutions, which are designed to suit the needs of your company and we shall work closely with your organisation to ensure you get the best results. Each course is conducted by a skilled, well-qualified and experienced training provider. We guarantee your success. Do please take a look at the wide variety of courses that we offer and feel free to call us now so as to discuss your options, or to request a particular topic for a course which would help you or simply to make a booking: 0113 249 1999

Contact us now to discuss ways in which our courses can help your team, and to find out which bespoke packages will work best for you: 0113 249 1999 or team@aventustraining.co.uk. We look forward to training your team.

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Contact us now to discuss ways in which our courses can help your staff, and find out what bespoke packages would work best for you: 0113 249 1999